Waves of Faith Growth Groups are designed to connect people with one another and with God through an authentic, action based discussion group.

While we certainly think we have awesome “church” gatherings on Sunday, it is more accurate to describe Waves as a network of faith communities. Growth Groups are clusters of friends throughout the Metroplex in which community, communion, and mission unfold as a way of life focusing on the individual, collective, and social renewal of DFW. We believe people typically find God when they encounter his people. The Growth Group is the context we’d love to bring those who need the love and care of God’s people.

In a Growth Group you’ll be encouraged to discover your purpose in life through Jesus and you’ll meet others on the same spiritual journey as yourself. Groups will be launching soon and meeting all across DFW.

Our hope is that Waves of Faith would be a community of friends engaged in gospel-centered relationships resembling the early church (Acts 2:42). Growth Groups are the best opportunity we have for that. We believe that active participation in a growth group is critical for your spiritual health as a part of this local church. Gathering in groups creates an atmosphere that causes believers and non-believers to grow in their understanding and application of God’s direction in our lives. Groups help create the community we seek.

All adult discipleship at Waves is directed through our connect groups ministry. We believe discipleship in relationships, and those relationships are formed in small groups. This is why it’s so critical for you to be in a Growth Group!

A Growth Groups usually consists of 7-15 Waves attendees and their friends who meet on a regular basis in someone’s home to study and discuss the Bible, pray for one another, care for one another, and do ministry together. Most groups follow a 2/1/1 format meaning they meet twice a month for Bible study and prayer; meet once a month to just hang out somewhere; and meet once a month to serve either in their community or the city. These groups meet all across the DFW on various nights of the week.

You can join an existing group, or start a new group, it’s up to you. For more information on our Growth Groups email Pastor Mario at

Waves of Faith Growth Groups Spring Semester

  1. NORTH, Mario & Mireina Morado, Mijanur & Mayeli Ali, 7PM, Thursdays, 1933 Holstein Way, Fort Worth TX 76131, (817) 637-3159
  2. NORTH, Fabian & Cynthia Cabrera, Arthur & Nena Ortega, 7PM, Tuesdays, 5501 Stone Meadow Ln For Worth TX 76179, (817) 822-8113
  3. SOUTH, Sonny & Rachel Olivarez, Joshua & Heidy Gomez, 7PM, Mondays, 1362 Eastview St, Fort Worth TX 76134, (817) 905-1168
  4. WEST, Bobby & Cary Minor, Carlos & Ana Vasquez, 7PM, Tuesdays, 5016 Melbourne, Fort Worth TX 76114, (817) 723-6208
  5. CENTRAL,  Student Ministry, Eric Villarreal & Eduardo Melendez , 7PM, Wednesdays, 3229 N.Elm St, Fort Worth TX 76106, (325)320-1697
  6. CENTRAL, Women’s Group, Melissa Harris, 7PM, Wednesdays, 3229 N. Elm St, Fort Worth TX 76106, (817) 201-8427
  7. CENTRAL, Spanish Group, Norma Suarez, 7PM, Tuesdays, 3229 N. Elm St, Fort Worth TX 76106 (682) 553-5733
  8. CENTRAL, Young Adults, Willis Richardson, 7PM, Tuesdays, 3229 N. Elm St, Fort Worth TX 76106 (817) 657-9870
  9. INTERNATIONAL, Belize International Growth Group, Ramon Hernandez


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